Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers Unique Design & Full Car Protection-Doors,Headrests & Backseat. Extra Durable Zippered Side Flap, Waterproof Pet Seat Cover + Seat Belt & 2 Headrest Protectors as a Gift

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Product Description

Our Meadowlark dog hammock is the ONLY one with full protection for both your pet and your car. This dog car seat covers will turn your trips with your pets into a memorable experience- you no longer need to worry whether this dog seat cover is going to fit your car. Premium Quality Made Easy!

Key features and advantages of Meadowlark dog car seat covers:

  • Quality- This car seat covers for dogs is created under strict and stringent quality inspection and made from the best materials
  • Fully Waterproof and Heavy-Duty
  • extra large- 60W*64L inch. Adjusts to big cars, suvs and trucks
  • Extra durable zippered side flaps - to protect the entire rear backseat, doors and carpet
  • Middle Zipper in the hammock piece for sitting passengers and dog together
  • 2 head rest protectors as a bonus to protect the head rest from scratches, dirt, hair.
    And seat belt for the safety of the pet and the passengers
  • Double stitching and Extra thickness for comfort and for extra protection of the bench seats
  • Non-slip backing and 2 seat anchors to prevent seat cover from sliding around.
  • It can be installed easily, thanks to the durable straps that are secured around the headrests
  • Velcro openings for seat belts
  • Machine washable
  • 2 holding straps per side to hold it to the hand holder

Enjoy Your Road trip Adventure with Your Pet. Order Your Dog Seat Cover Today

Product Specifications

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  • ENJOY YOUR TRIPS WITHOUT HASSLE: No more worries about hair, scratches, water and dirt on your back seat while you travel with our extra thick and Xl (60W*64L inch) dog seat cover and your beloved pet! We ensure your happiness while keeping the vehicle clean.TO ENSURE YOUR SATISFACTION WE OFFER A 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE NO QUESTIONS ASKED. NOW AT A SPECIAL PRICE!
  • THE HIGHEST QUALITY AND BEST MATERIALS ON AMAZON- Our Meadowlark car seat covers for dogs has been uniquely designed as top quality, real heavy duty, fully waterproof, non slip with Durable zippered Side Flaps; and Extra padded for comfort, with 3 layers double stitching. Insures the best protection and long lasting use. Providing the highest quality to all of you, is our main priority and our number-one goal!
  • FULL PROTECTION FOR DOORS, HEADRESTS AND BACKSEAT- with extra durable zippered side flaps- this dog car hammock is going to protect your entire car and ensure the safety of your dog. The side flaps protect the doors and also make it impossible to reach the floor of the car. So all the hair and dirt will remain on the cloth of the bench seat covers for dogs. the head rest covers keep it clean from hair and scratches. Use the 2 head rest covers to protect the front or back head rests as you need.
  • INSTALL WITHIN ONE MINUTE AND MACHINE WASHABLE: Even if you're not the type of person who assembles stuff within seconds. This dog seat covers for cars process will seem like a piece of cake to you. Secure the straps around the headrests, and you're ready to go!! Extras are offered for maximum comfort and safety- seat anchors, and velcro openings. Enjoy your road trip adventure like never before! Wash it anytime in your washing machine, without any hassle!
  • ADJUSTS TO YOUR NEEDS- FINALLY YOUR KIDS & PETS CAN SIT TOGETHER: No matter if you have a SUV, truck or another car, this top-notch dog seat covers is going to serve you well. Universal fit (54x58 inches) so as to fit to most cars and trucks. Adjust the middle zipper according to your needs, so your kids and pets can share the back seats of your car without hassle. Bonus gifts included - 2 headrest protectors and a seat belt in order to ensure your maximum security.
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Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers Unique Design & Full Car Protection-Doors,Headrests & Backseat. Extra Durable Zippered Side Flap, Waterproof Pet Seat Cover + Seat Belt & 2 Headrest Protectors as a Gift
  • 670875877498