SUAOKI Solar Lighting System Portable Home Light Kit with Solar Panel, Controller, 2 LED Bulbs, 3 USB Ports and 1 USB Cable for Indoor Outdoor Camping Garage Emergency

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Product Description

Hassle-Free Solar Lighting System
This home lighting system uses a 5V 4.5W Polycrystalline silicon solar panel to charge sealed 2pcs lithium-ion batteries (5000mAh in total) by day and run 1 pc 1W LED bulb and 1 pc 2W LED bulb by night. Each bulb has a switch to work together or independently. They are powered on 2 USB ports (3.7V / 2A), and the third USB port (5V / 2A) can be used to charge your phone.

Easy to Install & Charges Quickly
The setting up is just a breeze, no expertise is needed. The solar panel has a long wire (5m/16.4ft) so you can place it where the sunlight is optimal while keeping the controller within reach. About 4-6 hours of strong and direct sunlight is sufficient to fully charge the batteries. The system provides more than enough light for a night (1W bulb alone works for 14h, 2W works for 7h, 1W+2W work for 5h).

Energy Efficient & Practical Application
Since it's powered on solar, the lighting system has zero carbon emission and works perfectly in places like camping sites, farm, cabin, summerhouse, treehouse for the kids, shed or garage for tools. And when there's power outage, you can also count on the solar system to provide basic lighting and power for your cellphone.

Product Specifications
Solar Panel: 5V, 4.5W
Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery: 2pcs (2500 mAh, 3.7V, 18.5 Wh)
Lights: 100 lm (1 W bulb), 200 lm (2 W bulb)
IP Rating: IP44
Input Charging Port: 5V, 2A
Solar Panel Charging Time: 4-6 hours (strong and direct light)
USB Output: (1 x) 5V/2A; (2x) 3.7V/2A
Solar Panel Lifetime: 15 years
LED Bulb Lifetime: 5 years
Lithium Battery Lifetime: 2 years
Illumination Time (Fully Charged):
- 1 W bulb -- 14h
- 2 W bulb -- 7h
- 1 W + 2 W bulbs -- 5h

Package Includes
1 x Controller
1 x 1 W Light Bulb (with a 3-meter wire)
1 x 2 W Light Bulb (with a 5-meter wire)
1 x USB Cable
2 x Screws (3*3*25)

Product Specifications

  • PORTABLE SOLAR LIGHTING SYSTEM: solar-powered illumination system; includes 1 x 1W LED + 1 x 2W LED bulbs (powered by 3.7V/2A USB), 1 x 5V/2A USB ports for charging your phone, 1 x controller with 5000mAh lithium-ion batteries
  • LOW MAINTENANCE & WELL-CONTROLLED: charges the accumulator by day and automatically turns light on by night; 1W LED has 3m cable, 2W LED has 5m cable, and they're individually switchable with ON/OFF buttons on each cable
  • LARGE BATTERY CAPACITY: 2 built-in lithium-ion batteries (2500mAh for each); charges quickly with 4-6 hours strong and direct sunlight and provides lighting (<100 lm) all night long; you can check the battery power with indicator on the control unit
  • EASY INSTALLATION WITH LONG CABLE: simple and quick to install, no need for electrician; plenty of wire length (5m/16.4ft) to position the solar panel externally on the roof or wall and mount the control unit inside
  • SAVE MONEY AND ENERGY: environmentally friendly lighting system, powered by the sun, no more electricity bills; ideal for camping, farm, fishery, cabin, summerhouse, treehouse, shed, barn, stable or emergency
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SUAOKI Solar Lighting System Portable Home Light Kit with Solar Panel, Controller, 2 LED Bulbs, 3 USB Ports and 1 USB Cable for Indoor Outdoor Camping Garage Emergency